The History of Wichita KS

history of wichita ksWith over a half-million residents, Wichita is the largest city in the state of Kansas. From its humble beginnings, Wichita has gone on to become one of the most historically significant cities in all of America. From Wyatt Earp to “B.T.K”, Wichita has a story unlike any other. Now, the Wichita KS garage door repair experts are here to share the fascinating history of Wichita KS.

The Early Days of Wichita

history of wichita ksWhile archaeological digs suggest the first humans inhabited Wichita as far back as 3,000 B.C., the first permanent settlement in the city was by the Wichita tribe in 1864. During the decade, Jesse Chisholm established a trading post in the town that later became part of the legendary Chisholm Trail. The city became incorporated officially in 1870. The lone woman signatory on the town charter was Catherine “The Widow” McCarty, whose son would later become “Billy the Kid” after leaving the city. Wichita would become the third-largest city in the state by 1890.

The Air Capital of the World

As time passed, Wichita would become known as the “Air Capital of the World”. Building over 250,000 aircraft over the last 100 years, Wichita has made more aircraft than any other city on the planet. Some of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world were founded in Wichita, including Travel Air, Laird, Cessna and Beechcraft.  Wichita also served as the headquarters for the Boeing Military Airplane Company during the Cold War and the home of McConnell Air Force Base.

While best known for leading the world in aircraft production, Wichita is also the birthplace of several well-known businesses, including White Castle, Pizza Hut, Taco Tico and Koch Industries. The electric guitar was also created in Wichita by Gage Brewer in October 1932.

Wichita, Kansas Today

history of wichita ksHere are some fast facts about Wichita, Kansas today:

  • Nearly 640,000 people live in the city
  • The median age of residents is 35.4
  • The average annual salary of residents is just over $42,000
  • The median price of a home is just over $138,000
  • The average high temperature in Wichita is just under 68 degrees. The average low is 45.
  • The city receives just over 34 inches of rain every year
  • Residents pay an average monthly rent of $727.00
  • Wichita is ranked the 68th best place to live in America according to the “US News & World Report”
  • The city is ranked the 97th best place to retire by the same publication

Wichita also features fun and entertainment for the entire family. There are over 30 golf courses, museums and more than 20 attractions in town alone. Wichita has also previously served as the host city for the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants, and remains home of the seventh-largest zoo in the United States: the Sedgwick County Zoo.